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Education Evening

Wed 16 November 2020

ANMF Education Centre
191 Torrens Road
(200m South of South Rd)

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Wound Specialist Services in South Australia

Wounds Australia(SA) is unable to provide clinical advice or recommend specific wound management practitioners. The following providers may offer specialist wound management services or supply further information regarding wound management services:

Patient Information

Wounds Australia (South Australia) is pleased to present the following information for members of the public. Wounds are a common, everyday occurrence. Whilst most minor wounds are managed very successfully by persons without any formal training there are actions that can assist with wound healing. However, sometimes, wounds might not heal without the assistance of a professional trained in wound management, and this information can assist in what to do in this situation. In addition to an overview of wound healing and problems that might occur, there are several information sheets covering some of the most common types of wounds. Wounds Australia(SA) hopes you find this information informative and useful.

Click on the links to download the PDF documents.

General Information

Information Documents


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