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Venous Leg Ulcer guidelines

Australian and New Zealand Clinical Practice Guideline for Prevention and
Management of
Venous Leg Ulcers

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AWMA Objectives

The Objectives of the Australian Wound Management Association are to:

  1. Be recognised as a peak body that consults with, makes representation to and
    advises government, governing bodies, educators, health care providers and
    consumers in regard to best practice in wound management

  2. Foster and maintain a multi-disciplinary network of individuals with
    knowledge and expertise in wound management

  3. Foster and maintain a collaborative, productive working relationship between the
    Association and all affiliated state and territory organisations and members

  4. Develop, publish and promote guidelines, standards and educational material in
    wound management, and a peer reviewed national wound management journal

  5. Promote and support wound management research

  6. Facilitate Health Promotion activities in wound management

  7. Develop and maintain collaborative relationships with relevant individuals,
    Associations or groups both national and international

  8. Develop and maintain representation on relevant national or international Associations
    or groups

  9. Develop responsible initiatives and strategies to ensure the ongoing financial viability
    of the Association

  10. Conduct the business of the Association in a professional and ethical manner.

AWMA Constitution 2005

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