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Margo Asimus
Margo Asimus
Australia’s nurse practitioner for 2013

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Margo Asimus

Margo Asimus: Australia’s top nurse

Margo AsimusAdapted from the interview By EMMA SWAIN Maitland Mercury
10 October 2013

Margo Asimus has been named Australia’s nurse practitioner for 2013 by the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners.

A woman who has travelled the globe delivering education to some of the best wound management experts has been named Australia’s best nurse practitioner and been honoured with the 2013 title for her outstanding contribution to the development of her profession.

Margo started her nursing career at Maitland Hospital working in paediatrics and midwifery. She segued into surgery care following the birth of her children.

“I actually got into this field by mistake,” she said. “In those days, the only option for part-time work was in the surgical ward so that’s where I went and I started to become really interested in wound management.

“Once I started to look at the science of wound healing I just loved it. It’s challenging but also so rewarding because you not only work at healing the wound but you also treat the person.”

In 2004, Ms Asimus became a nurse practitioner. Since then she has travelled to different parts of the world talking about her area of expertise.

“Wound management is such a nursing role suited for Nurse Practitioners. Nurses have treated wounds for many years but now it takes application of research and measurement of healing outcomes which has transformed the specialty,” she said. “Wounds heal successfully in fit, well and healthy people but in the elderly, those with chronic disease or young people with disabilities health circumstances can be more complex and the wounds don’t heal well. “So you have to treat the person to get the wound to heal. It’s not just about what dressing to put on, it’s much more complex than that.”

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