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Pressure Injury Guidelines

Pan Pacific Clinical Practice Guideline for Pressure Injury Prevention and Management

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Video Resource for health care workers

Video Resource for health care workers: Patients describe the impact of a pressure injury

We are all aware that pressure injuries have a substantial impact on the patient and their families. However, in the ‘busy’ world of clinical practice this can often be subsumed by more urgent matters such as attempting to heal the pressure injury. Western Health has produced a video that reminds all health care workers of the often devastating effect that developing a pressure injury has on the patient. This video provides a number of patient stories explained form their point of view and that of their carers or family. The production is a powerful resource for clinicians who are looking to remind their colleagues of the personal impact pressure injuries can have.

The video is available for purchase. Orders can be placed by emailing Col Kilmier at [email protected]

The following is a 2 minute trailer of the video

Disclaimer: This product was not produced by or endorsed by AWMA. The link is provided for members as a potential resource they could consider when collecting resources to prevent pressure injuries. It is recognised that there are some discontinued terms (i.e. pressure ulcer is used instead of pressure injury) but the objective of the video is unaffected.

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