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AWMA 2016
National Conference

AWMA 2016

Launch Australian and New Zealand
Clinical Practice Guideline for Prevention and
Management of Venous Leg Ulcers

This guideline was developed by the AWMA in conjunction with the NZWCS and launched at the Pan Pacific Pressure Ulcer Forum & Venous Leg Ulcer Forum in Canberra in October 2011. The guideline presents a comprehensive review of the assessment, diagnosis, management and prevention of VLUs within the Australian and New Zealand health care context, based on the best evidence available up to January2011.

The guideline is designed to provide information to assist in decision-making and is based on the best information available at the date of compilation. The guideline is not intended to have a regulatory effect.

An electronic copy of the guideline can be found on the AWMA Publication Page www.awma.com.au/publications/publications.php and is available for free download.

The Guideline including the full version, abridged version and flow chart can be purchased in hard copy; order details will be posted on the site soon.


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