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Pan Pacific Clinical Practice Guideline for Pressure Injury Prevention and Management

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Therapeutic Guidelines- Wounds

News item from Associate Professor Michael Woodward, member, Editorial Committee.
October 2011.

Many of you will be regular users of Therapeutic Guidelines (TGs) across a range of clinical areas- antibiotics, analgesics, and most other clinical areas. I’m sure you’ve felt that a TG on wound management that drew on the very practical, clinically relevant style of these publications wound be a great addition. There has been a small section on wound care in the Dermatology TGs, but it was in need of updating.

Well, good news- there is now a Wound TG- to be release in November. The editorial committee included many experts across a range of disciplines and I’m sure you’ll find them very useful and practical. It’s been a busy year with the AWMA/ NZWCS Venous Leg Ulcer Guidelines and the draft new Pressure Injury Guidelines, on the heels of the revised AWMA Standards. In addition the AWMA/ JBI wound healing node is releasing excellent practical Evidence Summaries.

I’m sure the Wound TGs will be welcomed by all practitioners and their students- so be sure to either access them through your uni/hospital, or subscribe individually to the lot of them.

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