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Wound Education Modules & Competencies

AWMA believes that evidence based, contemporary, quality education is a foundation upon which wound management practice can be built and supported. To assist in achieving this AWMA has developed a set of recommended minimum criteria for content of wound education courses/modules.
It is intended that educators delivering training programs based around the specified subject areas would include the minimum content specified in the templates. A major benefit of this process is ensuring that the educator and attendees can have confidence that the training being presented reflects the fundamental wound management principles and knowledge.
There are four topics for basic courses for which content criteria has been developed. These are:

There are also three sets of content criteria for advanced courses/modules –again specifying the minimum set of content to be covered when developing and presenting these programs. These are:

The content criteria for the modules is a guide only – to be used by educators when developing their sessions or courses, or by attendees wanting to evaluate program content.

At present AWMA is unable to endorse or approve
educational programs or content.




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Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Module 7

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