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Wounds Australia Grants and Scholarships

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Background to Program

Wounds Australia believes that all people with, or who are likely to develop, a wound are entitled to receive personalised care and management that is supported by current best practice.

The Business Plan for Wounds Australia articulates two major of commitments to members :

  1. Foster and maintain a multi-disciplinary network of individuals with knowledge and expertise in wound management through our state and territory branches.
  2. Deliver on agreements made by AWMA within the financial ability of Wounds Australia.

Principles of Program

  1. All named scholarships within each State or Territory will remain only available to members residing in the state of scholarship or grant origin;
  2. All other scholarships and grants will be pooled and available to all national members with clear guidelines of eligibility, application processes and acceptance requirements published on the website for all members;
  3. To increase the overall pool of scholarships and grants available by 10% for the 2016 calendar year (~$4965).

Considerations in awarding Grants & Scholarships

  1. Every effort has been made to keep the process as simple as possible for the members.
  2. Inclusions and exclusion criteria have been considered however the Board has decided to not determine set criteria, but expect the Grants & Scholarships Committee to consider principles of equity in their decision making.
  3. The logistics of running this program have been kept as simple as possible with a single form and a single email address, as well as a bi-annual run of the program. The Grants and Scholarships Committee will ratify their decision at the aligned with meetings.
  4. The application calendar will align to the Board approval calendar.
  5. We have invested significant effort in the development of various documents for members to support the process including application forms, transparent processes and approval timelines, as well as a validation process to ensure spending of monies is in line with approved application. We look forward to and appreciate feedback from embers regarding how this can be improved.

Revised Program

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