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Regional Education Grant Application

AWMA (Vic) aims to support its members to further develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in wound care in order to improve patient care and outcomes. To encourage and support AWMA (Vic) members, education grants and scholarship are available. Education grants and scholarship are allocated at the discretion of the AWMA (Vic) committee for an activity that enhances the wound management knowledge and/or skills of its members.


AWMA(Vic) is pleased to make available educational grants to individuals and groups in regional Victoria to support the dissemination of wound care knowledge and skills amongst health professionals working in those regions.



Applications will be assessed by the AWMA (Vic) Committee against the following criteria:

  1. Clarity of education aim, expected outcomes, and plans
  2. The relevance of the topic to wound management
  3. Availability of a budget that lists costs associated with this activity that specified:
    • Expected total costs
    • Funding being sought / obtained from other sources
    • What the AWMA (Vic) funding will be used for
  4. The accessibility to AWMA (Vic) members and others working in wound management in relation to the cost and the number of attendees that can attend the event
  5. The capacity of the organising individual or group to fulfil the requirements of the education plan and grant requirements including past compliance of the individual or group with responsibilities of grant recipients.


Submission dates for bi-annual funding are Close of Business (EST) 28 February and 31 August each year.



All individuals or groups will be required to:

  1. Provide a report (approx 500 words) of the education activity for the AWMA (Vic) Connective Issues within 2 months of the education activity being completed.
  2. Provide receipts within 30 days of completing the education to demonstrate funds have been used as specified.
  3. Return any unused monies to AWMA (Vic) within 30 days of completing the education.

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