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Learning is a lifelong experience. In respect to wound management and clinicians involved in caring for individuals with wounds learning associated with the science and practice of wound healing should be a continuous process.

The AWMA is committed to facilitating education in wound management for both beginning and advanced practitioners in all fields of wound care to ensure competency of practice. To this end the AWMA has established an Education and Professional Development Sub-committee whose role will be to identify the educational needs of the community and to establish mechanisms for providing such education through the many static or interactive formats available to us. The Chair of this Sub-committee can be contacted via the AWMA Contact Page.

Additional purposes of this section of the Website are to inform you of:

Each State or Territory wound care body also provides numerous opportunities for further education. Use the links provided to contact your local State Representative to AWMA to obtain information regarding State/Territory education forums and contacts for leading clinicians in wound management. In addition, Wound Practice and Research (formerly Primary Intention) without implying endorsement of education programs, lists providers of wound management courses.

Access to other societies providing information on wound management can be made by reviewing the Links section of this Website. Visiting the Conference and News and Events pages may also provide you with additional information. Should you require any further information to assist with your ongoing educational needs please contact us via the Contact Page provided on this Website.

The Wound Education Modules & Competencies are available for viewing and download here

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