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Board Communiqué 7 – August 2016

The Wounds Australia Board met by teleconference on the 24th August. Items from the meeting of interest to report include:

Executive Officer

Interviews for this position will take place on the 2nd September and the Board hopes to be able to introduce the first Wounds Australia Executive Officer shortly after. This will give a huge boost to developing our organizational capacity and future member support actions.


A lot of hard work is being undertaken in a short time frame by Wounds Australia and the Wound CRC to ensure we produce a high standard national population health promotion activity for WAW. The descriptors for the release of the project will be available soon and will be communicated to members as soon as they are available.

Portfolio Update

Thank you to every member who expressed an interest in working on a portfolio. Following the final EOI call for membership portfolio, we now have an over-subscription of members interested in each portfolio which is a fantastic response and I am very happy to know that members have an active interest working on the future activities of the portfolios. As our operational capacity increases, there will be other project groups arising , both short and long term, that we would like you to consider joining if you are not able to be included in the first portfolio groups.

Conference update

Just a reminder that the conference is now only just over 2 months away! Board members look forward to catching up with as many members as possible throughout the conference.

Helen McGregor
Chair – Wounds Australia Board

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