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Volume: 23 – Issue: 1
Release: March 2015

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In this issue…

The use of negative pressure wound therapy as a dual closure and splinting device is associated with rapid delayed primary wound closure in high-risk diabetic patients following digital amputation: a case series Iannella SM, McInnes W, Fitridge R & Dawson J Download
The role of inflammation in cutaneous repair Röhl J, Zaharia A, Rudolph M & Murray RZ Download
Therapeutic antibodies for improved wound healing Turner CT, McInnes SJP & Cowin AJ Download
An evaluation of wound care product costs, from failed lower limb surgical sites compared with patients who heal immediately postoperatively Stankiewicz M, Webster J & Coyer F Download
A simple and effective ear dressing Miller G & Trotter D Download
Evidence Summary: Lymphoedema: Subjective Assessment Wound Healing and Management Node Group – Emily Haesler Download
Evidence Summary: Lymphoedema: Objective assessment using circumference measurement Wound Healing and Management Node Group – Emily Haesler Download



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