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Volume: 22 – Issue: 2
Release: June 2014

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In this issue…

Guest editorial – Towards clarity from complexity Weller CD Download
Monitoring patterns and quality of care for people diagnosed with venous leg ulcers: the argument for a national venous leg ulcer registry Weller CD & Evans S Download
The Swedish national quality Registry of Ulcer Treatment (RUT): How can ‘RUT’ inform outcome measurement for people diagnosed with venous leg ulcers in Australia? Öien RF & Weller CD Download
We have the evidence to improve venous leg ulcer outcomes: How do we get this evidence into practice? Ogrin R Download
Post-thrombotic syndrome: a potential cause of venous ulcer Arumugaswamy A & Tran H Download
Venous leg ulcer recurrence: deciphering long-term patient adherence to preventive treatments and activities Finlayson KJ, Edwards HE & Courtney MD Download
Perspectives on living with and self-treating venous leg ulcers: a person’s story and a health care perspective Kapp S, Simpson K & Santamaria N Download
Recommended practice: Ankle-Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI) using hand-held Doppler ultrasound Joanna Briggs Institute Download
General practice and primary care: making a difference at the coalface of wound management in Australia Yelland S Download
Connected wound care: partnerships informing wound management Elder K, Samolyk M, Cullen M, Nair D & Ticchi M Download
Nanocrystalline silver dressings for wounds other than burns and donor sites Joanna Briggs Institute Download
Supplement to the Wound Practice & Research Journal Volume 22 Issue 2 June 2020  


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