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Volume: 19 – Issue: 4
Release: December 2011

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In this issue…

  Guest editorial – Paull G  
Clinical observations supporting a vasodilatory effect of the modified papaya extract OPAL001 Mitchell GK


Treatment of a sacral pressure ulcer and extensive hyperkeratosis with OPAL A filtrate and cream: A case study Baldwin C & Bonham S


Effect of the novel wound healing agent, OPAL A on leukotriene B4 production in human neutrophils and 5-lipoxygenase activity Russell FD, Windegger T, Hamilton KD & Cheetham NWH


The evidence and the rationale for the use of honey as a wound dressing Molan PC


Sharp wound debridement in the management of recalcitrant, locally infected chronic venous leg ulcers: A narrative review White W


Interdisciplinary chronic-wound care services involving podiatry – a strengthened model of care? Butters T


Book review


Joanna Briggs Institute: Chemical debridement for venous leg ulcers


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