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Volume: 19 – Issue: 2
Release: June 2011

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In this issue…

Perspective: Globalisation of repair: 12 points of policy Ryan TJ


Caution: when combining topical wound treatments, more is not always better Cowan L, Phillips P, Liesenfeld B, Mikhaylova A, Moore D, Stechmiller J & Schultz G


Skin tears: should the emphasis be only their management? Sussman G & Golding M


Atrophie blanche Sreedharan S & Sinha S


Citric acid treatment of surgical site infections: a prospective open study Nagoba B, Raju R, Wadher B, Gandhi R, Rao AK, Selkar S & Hartalkar A


Pressure ulcers in home care settings:is it overlooked? Asimus M & Li P


An audit of radiation-induced mucositis in a tropical cancer centre: the importance of adhering to a mouth care regimen Smyth W & Keeley T


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