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Volume: 13 – Issue: 4
Release: November 2005

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In this issue…

  Guest editorial  
Silver dressings in wound healing: what is the evidence? Michael Woodward


Nanocrystalline silver reduces the need for antibiotic therapy in burn wounds Catherine Tonkin & Fiona Wood


Management of chronic wounds: the role of silver-containing dressings Sue Templeton


A silver tale: pseudomonas vs Aquacel Ag Denise Kolera


Book review


Silver Symposium Supplement


Reduced cellular toxicity of a new silver-containing antimicrobial dressing and its clinical performance in non-healing wounds Holger Kapp & Hans Smola


Wounds with a silver lining Rosalind Probert & Sarah Burston


The use of silver products in the management of burn wounds: change in practice for the burn unit at Royal Perth Hospital Joy Fong


  The Australian silver product tour Geoff Sussman  
Flights of fancy: the use of silver dressings to treat a trauma wound in a wild cockatoo Simone Vitali, Karen Payne & Paul Eden Download

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